How the COVID-19 affects the logistics and transport sector for the forecast of ROR OL in the first month of alarm state

León, Spain, 14th April 2020 – A month until the alarm state was set by the Spanish government as a response to stop the covid-19 virus extension, ROR Operador Logístico, has worked and still working to offer its logistic and transport divisions at them full possibilities. The company has focused in the food sector and the final goods distribution to guarantee the supermarkets supply, with the purpose of supply all habitants with first need products.

The actual situation, suffered globally, has impacted on the company too, reducing a 37% its activity. Due to the relocation of means at sector, the company has been able to stop the activity reduction, minimizing the impact. However, the corporation, that works in the maintenance and repair of industrial and personal vehicles, in outsourcing and logistic activities and transport, sustain the ability to give response and solutions to its clients, facing the first month of the alarm state with different actions implemented.

Among these actions, prevail those that are implemented to give protection and hygiene methods and protocols to maintain the security and health of the workers collective, which are exposing himself every day to give service to clients and population.

At the same time, the telecommuting has been implemented at the company in all of its delegations to all these workers that doesn’t maintain a strictly on-site function. These actions, with the implementation of contention protocols are strictly followed to stop in the major way possible the virus expansion, for the health of all of us.

ROR Operador Logístico face this month of April with the eyes on May and June, with the confidence, in spite of the general uncertainty, that gradual recovery will begin, recovering the normal activity at the end of July, based on the data and forecasts that the sector show.

Finally, with the upgrade of the growing prevision of the company reduced between a 15% and 20%, the company pretends, as it has done in every hard situation for the past 16 years, take advantage of the present making it stronger for the future, with the eyes on hugging the future and taking the actual possibilities, which for sure, will change the global logistics and transport paradigm.