León – Barcelona – Madrid, December 22, 2022 |

ROR OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO maintains its representative slogan embracing the future with the closing of a year 2022 focused on the growth and expansion of the company in the national territory. A growth plan oriented around the 3 lines of the company’s master plan that are based on digitization as the ideal lever for a complete cultural change in the company and sustainability as an objective in economic viability and growth, social and environmental impact.

The logistics operator continues its growth within the sector with a new logistics node in Madrid. The new platform located in Getafe aims to act as a hub in the center of the Iberian Peninsula that allows the connection between the different logistics bases of the firm. This new office is the result of the expansion plan that the company from Leon began in the early 2000s with the Barcelona office, a great leap that consolidated the logistics operator and promoted the diversification of activities within ROR OL.

Operating at 60% performance during the last months, the recent delegation has a raison d’être not only as a node between facilities, but also as the ability to offer a better and more optimal response to the transportation needs of customers in the capital, as well as provide logistics and storage solutions.

ROR Operador Logístico keeps in sight the second master line within its plan, sustainability in the full breadth of the concept. During 2022, the company has continued with the construction of an internal scenario in constant evolution where the different areas and departments of the company are “reimagined” in order to optimize the activity and/or seek more sustainable alternatives, not only in the footprint of transportation carbon. To transmit the company’s commitment to the environment, training courses have been carried out in sustainability, waste management and ISO14001 certification, in which the company is working to obtain it soon.

Towards the same objective, the Barcelona delegation has taken the first step towards the conversion of the installations to renewable energies, with the Abrera warehouse being the first to locate a photovoltaic installation that has made it possible to meet and far exceed the target set at the beginning of year for a 15% reduction in electricity consumption. A first step that will be studied and replicated in the different ROR OL facilities.
In this sense, due to the lack of drivers in the entire sector, ROR OL has a plan for the incorporation of new drivers with its own driver school plan. Thus, incorporating the first large number of driver personnel trained in this last quarter of the year and, hoping, to be able to replicate it for the following semester.

This last point is linked to the strategy of increasing its own fleet, a consequence of the trend in the sector, in order to cover all customer needs and maintain excellence either with vehicle brands linked to ROR OL or, thanks to the concession of BMC linked to the RTS (a company closely linked to the ROR OL group of companies).
The company estimates to close the year maintaining its growth trend of around 10% that it has been doing in recent years, having reached many of the milestones proposed for this year 2022, and generating new goals and objectives for the next.
ROR Operador Logístico begins the year with a look focused on the future, without neglecting its digitalization project DROP, always preserving the values that define the company and the family behind it; Passion, Respect and Perseverance.