León, January 2, 2023 |

ROR OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO, after facing a turbulent and volatile year like this 2022, and in turn, of converting the uncertainity in oportunities in recent years, has recieved at the end of 2022 the VALOR’s award to the DEVELOPMENT at the XVII PREMIOS VALORES.

This VALOR’s award to de DEVELOPMENT, which has been awarded by 8LEON TV, belonging to the audiovisual group EsRadio León and CYLTV of the Castilla y León region, is “the result of the trajectory, effort, growth and the targeting on the emplyees, training, digitalitzation and sutainability” in the words of the Managing Director of ROR OL, Jesús Ordás, who recived the award in company of 10 members from his team and with the CEO and owner, Ricardo Ortego.

It’s an honor for ROR OL to iniciate the 2023 with this award being recived, as manifest all the daily work of the company and its grown strategy for the next years, turning the enterprisea as a pioneer and imnportant for the region. With this award, ROR OL, feels supported to continue betting on its new delegations, and on its first one, where de company belongs, its origins, León.