Always at the forefront, offering the best service.

Article by P. FERRERO – La Nueva Crónica / English translation by ROR OL

R.O.R. OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO – A benchmark in the transport sector that has entered the logistics sector.

LEÓN. R.O.R Operador Logístico, a family business that has managed to grow and become a benchmark in the transport sector, and its fast advancing in logistics. This company, originally from León, remains at the forefront, providing the best and most complete services, complying with the demands of customers, which are in constant change and evolution.

R.O.R. Operador Logístico was born more than a century ago as a transport operator. But it was in 2004, with the fourth generation of the family, when he made the leap into the logistics sector; an impulse that led this company to expand, finding a new opportunity in Barcelona, being able to diversify its business and increase its turnover astronomically; if in 2004 R.O.R. It had a turnover of around 100,000 euros, now it’s around 14 million and generates approximately 130 jobs in its different internal companies, which include transporters, warehouse operators, and so on. Its constant evolution and involvement with new technologies and sustainability have earned clients such as Inditex, Decathlon or Mercadona, among others. Because R.O.R. Logistics Operator provides services to different sectors, such as food, textiles or the automotive industry, operating with SEAT among others.

As a leading company in the transport sector, where it currently concentrates 64% of its activity, R.O.R. Logistics Operator offers all services: Transportation planning, monitoring, full and fractional cargo transportation, groupage, JIT transportation distribution, Euromodular transportation, air cargo transportation and controlled temperature transportation.

The logistics section, a sector in which it is expanding and for which the company has bet heavily, with the aim that in a short time it can account for 50% of its activity, its work focuses on planning of transport, in the monitoring of transport, the transport of full and fractional cargo, the groupage and distribution, as well as in the transport JIT, Euromodular, air cargo and controlled temperature transportation.

It should be noted that the diversification of the business has allowed R.O.R. Logistics Operator outsource different sectors. In addition, the impact it has had has also prompted it to open a warehouse in Zaragoza, and its area of action is expanding, with a route that runs throughout the north of the country. They already have three warehouses in Barcelona and another three in León, where one of them is dedicated exclusively to the logistics outsourcing of a client. This company has its sights set on other large centers, such as Madrid.

On the other hand, one of the objectives of this company in the short term is to be up-to-date in the digitization section. In fact, R.O.R. Operador Logístico has an internal IT department, which they expect to continue growing in these months and years. In this way, everything will be integrated and monitored so that any process and employee is reflected. For just over a year they have also a workshop for the repair of external vehicles.


Until now, R.O.R. Logistics Operator has a total of 175 vehicles. All new, because, responding to the demands regarding the emission of gases and sustainability, the life expectancy of these does not exceed the five years. In this way, they have fleets of conventional trailers, as well as mega, for air cargo, sets of three axles, refrigerators, vans and vans that operate not only in the Spanish geography, but also internationally. In addition, they also have ‘mega trucks’, which makes it possible to transport around 50% more cargo in one trip. Likewise, they are conducting tests with ‘duo trailers’, for which they are in constant contact with the organizations involved in traffic work.

It should be noted that R.O.R. Logistics Operator anticipated customer requirements at the time, adding a geolocation device to its fleet, which also has software that issues all kinds of alerts, including the temperature of the refrigerators. Everything for the merchandise reaches the destination perfectly, and always through the best hands. But R.O.R. Operador Logístico is also at the forefront in the sustainability section, even conducting gas tests with electric vans. Professionalism and avant-garde are great hallmarks of this company, with an ‘origin denomination’ from León.