June 13, 2023 |
Last week, during the International Logistics Fair (SIL) held in Barcelona, AZUCARERA and ROR OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO signed a joint collaboration contract for the coming years, with the aim of improving sustainability in the transport of sugar and continuing to advancing in the logistic improvement of the service to its Distribution customers.

This collaboration allows ROR OL to position itself as the sole logistics operator for the transport of non-bulk sugar for the sugar company throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and for AZUCARERA to advance with its carbon footprint reduction objectives. As Javier Bartrina, director of Logistics Strategy at AZUCARERA, explained during his presentation after the signing at the ROR OL stand, “this collaboration is not a contract, it is a collaborative work between partners in which AZUCARERA and ROR OPERADOR LOGISTICO support each other mutually providing added value, not only at the level of service and improvement for our customers, but also in accompanying digitization and on the path towards sustainability for the supply and distribution of transport”.

Ricardo Ortego, CEO of ROR OPERADOR LOGISTICO, was satisfied with the work carried out in recent years by the logistics company and gave an example of the agreement reached with AZUCARERA, since this collaboration reflects and highlights the path and strategy of the company that He directs to be able to accompany his clients. Digitization and sustainability are two mutually dependent pillars as the first leads to the second. “This collaboration is the result of the work carried out and the inertia of the change in the sector about how the mentality of the chargers is changing. We are very confident that all the added value that we can offer will be reflected to continue working together now and in the future from ROR OL, contributing what we can in terms of visibility, traceability and continuous improvement thanks to digitization and, of course, in the decarbonization of our company and that of AZUCARERA”, affirmed Ortego.

Both AZUCARERA and ROR OPERADOR LOGISTICO made it clear that now we must continue working and “propping up this collaboration”, as Javier Bartrina pointed out. Azucarera’s goal is to reduce 20% of its CO2 emissions in all distribution, transportation, and storage in five years, including sensitive processes such as the supply of raw materials and delivery to customers.