As a result of wanting to make a competitive improvement and to continue offering a better service to our client in the León area, the ROR OL facilities in La Bañeza, León, are being upgraded. These facilities, which until the date included parking and maintenance for vehicles of operations in the area, have been equipped to carry out the operations of the ROR OL warehouse at Hospital de Órbigo. This decentralization of Hospital de Órbigo will allow ROR P&H to improve its operations by reducing transit times with the client and improving internal operations as it is a facility that belongs directly to the corporation.

Therefore, after more than 5 years, ROR OL leaves the Órbigo Hospital facilities, but continues to bet faithfully for the region, incorporating the outsourced finished product warehouse for its client in ROR OL La Bañeza.

The facilities have more than 1,200 m2 to accommodate more than 1,500 pallets and, at the same time, access and parking of vehicles with a field of more than 5,000 m2.

The organization wants to continue betting on logistics activity to look at and embrace the future.

Taking the future

La Bañeza, León – 31/03/2020