Abrera, Desember 9, 2022 |

The Barcelona delegation has taken the first step towards the conversion of the ROR Operador Logístico facilities to renewable energy. The Abrera warehouse, which functions as the main node for the Barcelona delegation and for all the company’s facilities, has been the first to locate a solar panel installation that has made possible to achieve and exceed the goal for reducing 15% of the electricity consumption marked at the beginning of the year by the company.

This action has been strategically initiated in the most active logistics facilities, where the highest electricity consumption is experienced and also where the most sunny days per year are recorded thanks to their location, a perfect mix of conditions for this conversion to solar panels.

The already completed project represents a first step that will be studied and replicated in the different ROR OL facilities, which will, in turn, make it possible to set new goals for reducing electricity consumption and reducing the company’s environmental impact. ROR Operador Logístico is a company committed to the environment, with its activity and respective impact on the planet.