ROR OL recovers its activity and closes the year with new alliances, duo-trailer projects and a plan for the global digitalization of the company

León – Barcelona, ​​December 17, 2020 | ROR Operador Logístico has achieved, despite the adversities suffered by the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, a year of continuous work without interruption.

Focusing its efforts on the food and basic necessities sector during the convulsive months of the first state of alarm, the company guaranteed the supply of products to the population, ensuring the essentiality of its work and its reason for being, the customers.

The company from León, during the time that suffered the most from the consequences of the sanitary crisis (April, May and June), has visualized the opportunities favored by the decrease in activity that have facilitated the carrying out of tests and trials for new projects and collaborations.

As an example, the incorporation of duo-trailer vehicles to its transport fleet stands out. This set of vehicles, doubly articulated, allows a reduction of emissions of 25-30%, reaching a total length of more than 31 meters of vehicle. The project, presented last July and capable of transporting up to 70 tons per trip, has been tested with different clients and sectors such as food and the automotive industry, with ROR OL being one of the few logistics operators nationwide with authorization for the circulation of this types of vehicles throughout the country. As a result of the tests carried out, agreements have been closed jointly with different clients to attack the carbon footprint reduction plans and reduce transport costs.

Despite the year 2020 marked by the sanitary crisis, ROR OL has continued to execute its strategic plan established by the different lines and actions conceived at the end of 2019. The new diversification of the company’s activity, focused on outsourcing mechanical workshops for industrial and private vehicles, has increased its activity by more than 20% since last February. This fact has led to the consolidation of this new division of the company, generating improvements in material resources and human capital for said division.

At the same time, after more than five years of collaboration, an agreement has been signed for the management and coordination of GRUPO APEX’s transport and logistics for the Riego de la Vega plant in León. This agreement consolidates and achieves an alliance between the two companies, which provides for an improvement in transport management, as well as an improvement in the internal logistics of the finished product for the León factory.

ROR OL has also continued with its digitization actions to improve pre- and post-service care for customers and increase the company’s global digitization.

Despite the fact that the year will end with very similar numbers to the previous year, although below 2019 in terms of turnover caused by the health crisis, the company expects to stabilize the economy by the 2nd quarter of 2021, despite uncertainty.

The year 2020 will close with the recovery of full activity, simultaneously building new relationships and collaborations with clients. In this way, operations have been expanded and new sectors have been exploited, embracing a better future and a prosperous year of growth, work and regeneration throughout the sector.