8Léon television presented a TV report of the trajectory of ROR Operador Logístico

8Léon television presented on Saturday February 15, 2020, a TV report of the trajectory of ROR Operador Logístico, from its beginnings in the León region to its expansion through the peninsular territory with the establishment of the delegations of Barcelona and Zaragoza. It was also expressed that the expansion through the territory was not the only growth that the company has experienced, also the functions performed within the sector have done it, and ROR, dedicated exclusively to transport at its beginnings, has grown and opened horizons towards logistics and outsourcing.

Through an interview with the company’s Project & Lean Manager, Ricard del Alcázar, a vision for the future was presented, showing a clear direction towards innovation and continuous improvement. The intention was also presented to settle in Madrid and the implementation of the DUO Trailer, a set consisting of a conventional truck and a conventional trailer that reaches 31.75 meters in length and carries up to 70 tons, achieving cost savings of up to 30%.

The interview ended with a reminder of the three keys that define ROR Operador Logístico, find out by viewing the entire report: