ROR OL continues to grow and closes 2019 with the opening of a mechanical workshop that will give service to its own and external transport fleets

ROR OPERADOR LOGISTICO, a company founded in 2004 with a long history in the sector since the beginning of the 20th century, specialized in transport, logistics and outsourcing, has achieved a year full of innovation, improvement and internal optimization.

The company based in León, has reached the objectives proposed in its plan for 2019, which proposed to diversify its logistics activities, not only in warehousing and small rework activities, but also in increasing and promoting outsourcing activities for this division. In addition, a new outsourced service has been inaugurated, which until now has been an internal activity aimed at the entire transportation division of the company. The new service is a technical vehicle service for companies and individuals which has had a large investment planned for the next 2 years. This service is no longer exclusively internal to the company and opens new possibilities for all transport fleets located in the Catalonia area.

Therefore, the family business concludes the year by launching a new service in its logistics campaign, ROR TRUCK SERVICE.

Located in Abrera, Barcelona, ​​it is presented as a mechanical workshop, which has trained human capital for all kinds of tasks related to the repair, maintenance, overhauls and tuning of all types of light and heavy vehicles. With more than 2,000 m2 of covered facilities, the workshop specialized in the set-up, review and maintenance of fleet vehicles also offers service to external fleets, both in specific services and in geolocation facilities, in addition to offering all kinds of mechanical and body repairs for semi-trailers and trucks.

Along with the workshop, the expansion of personnel and facilities are a reflection of the growth that the company has experienced this 2019, which will close the year with a figure of 13.5 million turnover, and with a growth of 8%, being less than in the last years giving a current and next 2020 trend in the sector. However, the company continues to grow at a very good pace.

All this is being possible thanks to the improvements and innovations implemented by the IT innovation and development department that the company has had since 2008, intensifying in the last 3 years, within the business strategic plan, digitization and improvements for both the division of transportation and logistics. The company’s strategy is driving the family business towards continuous improvement, providing a quality and sustainability response to reduce the carbon footprint in all divisions and, also, to respond to the growing needs of storage and distribution of their clients, their reason for being.

Abrera, Barcelona – 22/11/2019

Since the release of this press release, various media have shared the news with which ROR OL closes the year. As is the case of El Mercantil or El Vigía, which in their digital versions placed today the news of the company on cover.