On Monday, October 16, the goods obtained thanks to the altruistic and generous collaboration of the entire city of La Bañeza and region was deposited in a warehouse of the Los Alcázares (Murcia).

In the seven days that the campaign lasted and as a result of donations from individual citizens, they were able to fill more than a hundred bags of cloths and household clothing previously classified by age, sex and type of cloth. The generosity of the citizenship did not end there, it was also possible to send to Murcia various household appliances, furniture, beds and more than a dozen mattresses of different sizes. All of these donations were completed with more than twenty boxes of non-perishable food and toiletries and cleaning supplies.

ROR OPERADOR LOGISTICO has contributed in this solidarity campaign by transporting the goods of the altruistic and generous collaboration of the city of La Bañeza and region. ROR OL is proud to be able to be at the side of those affected who, from the organization, support them in moments of maximum difficulty.


Ribaseca, León – 17/10/2019