León – Barcelona – Madrid, May 10, 2022 |

CDTI grants ROR OL financing for DROP, its digital transformation project.

The CDTI, Center for Industrial Technological Development, has awarded DROP, the digital transformation and digital twin project of ROR Operador logístico, as an R&D Project (research and development).

Digital ROR Operative Platform (DROP) is a project that will integrate several technologies to generate a Digital Twin integrating the ROR OL Control Tower System that will allow, through simulations, to predict and anticipate what may happen using tools such as GIS and integrating current monitoring fleet absolute. In addition, the project will provide real-time information on geolocation, fuel level and a detailed report on the status of the shipment that will make ROR OL more agile and efficient, reducing unforeseen events and advancing in service excellence. The Digital Twin will provide effectiveness and efficiency to gain productivity and agility in decision making at a strategic, tactical and operational level. In this last facet, it will focus on being able to provide the people of the company with digital tools for their daily use and scope, as well as applying business intelligence and intelligence to customer service to maintain and increase quality towards it and allow future growth. of the company and its foundations in a digitized world facing 2030.
The PID CDTI project includes the most innovative subprojects and applications of the Digital ROR Operative Platform project, such as ITS / ITS-Driver, Intelligent Transport System, and CSI, Intelligent Customer Service. In this financing project by the Ministry and linked to European funds, more than €600,000 have been granted, 100% of the requested project, a great achievement for ROR Operador Logístico, which will help finance the project with its own funds, as was originally planned.
This achievement also positions the company as a leading company in innovation within our sector, being pioneers in the implementation of a project of this type. At the same time, it is also aligned with the strategy that the company is adopting, working with CDTI to obtain the innovative SME seal.
ROR OL continues to grow maintaining its 3 strategic keys, digitization, sustainability and cultural change, keys that come together in its DROP project, this being part of its plan, seeking the excellence of the people in the organization and always anticipating the needs of the client.

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