León – Barcelona, December 21, 2021 |

ROR OPERADOR LOGÍSTICO maintains its characteristic look to the future with a year end focused on the implementation, correction and development of operational and tactical aspects for its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. An accelerated implementation plan due to the sanitary crisis to which the family business has responded with the three main lines of its strategic plan as a fundamental tool to turn the possible threats presented by the logistics and transport sector into opportunities. These guidelines, which follow the trajectory of the company and, in turn, aim to open new horizons, are based on digitization as the ideal lever for a complete cultural change in the company and sustainability as an objective in economic viability and growth, social impact and environmental.
ROR OL will invest in the absolute digitization of the company’s processes, as a fundamental milestone, with a major innovation project within the sector that will make it possible to make a qualitative leap by improving business development with customers and suppliers and making daily work easier of its workers, Improving efficiency and effectiveness to be more productive internally and become excellent towards the client is one of the great challenges of ROR OL.
The company estimates to close the year with a growth of 29.85%, which represents a turnover of more than 17.46M euros, having reached many of the milestones proposed for 2021. Milestones that have made it possible, among others, to consolidate the delegation of transport in Madrid, as a link in the epicenter of the peninsula that will allow the connection between the logistics bases of the corporation, as well as transport operations from the same delegation and with the circuits established for customers. At the same time that a new division has been consolidated, as a diversification of the company’s activity, a mechanical workshop for external and self fleets located in Abrera, Barcelona.
This growth has been accompanied, during the year, with the inauguration of a new warehouse for logistics activities in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, 4km from the Barcelona operating headquarters, with the improvement and expansion of the facilities, as well as the increase in the fleet of vehicles for conventional transport and with a special investment in sets of duo-trailer vehicles, adding a total of 5 vehicles of this type in the fleet. The latter, together with the 4 megatrucks in the fleet, make it possible to reduce between 22% and 54% of direct CO2 emissions in transport.
ROR Operador Logístico begins the year with a clear look towards the future, always preserving the values ​​that define the company and the family behind it; passion, respect and perseverance.