León – Barcelona, July 15th 2021 |

The strategic vision of the company places Madrid as the perfect candidate to locate a new ROR OL delegation in our country. With delegations in León, the birthplace of the family business together with Barcelona and Zaragoza; Madrid, located in the epicenter of the peninsula, will allow a connection between the logistics bases of the corporation.

Following this strategic vision and thanks to the synchrony between company’s departments, a transport base has been established in Madrid, which will allow ROR OL to increase its presence in the country’s capital and allow transport operations from that delegation, sharing synergies with the others and with the circuits established for customers.

ROR Operador Logístico closed the first half of the year with the inauguration of a new warehouse for its logistics activities in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona. The new 1800 m2 logistics warehouse, which is located at 4km from the Barcelona operational headquarters, will become a new node that will support operations at the Collbató and Abrera warehouses (central operations headquarters), which, in collaboration with ROR P&H, establish the logistics division of the company in the Catalan capital, with a total of 3 logistics bases, central offices, mechanical workshop and a vehicle field. This warehouse complements the logistics area in Barcelona together with the north of Spain, where there is one warehouse in Zaragoza and two in León.

The growth in the Barcelona delegation, motivated by a noticeable increase in logistics operations, is not the only expansion that the company has experienced in recent months, the transport division has progressively increased its fleet of vehicles, in the number of tractors and also semi-trailers, following the strategic plan of the company. It is relevant the inclusion at the beginning of this summer of two new duotrailers joining the first duotrailer already acquired a year ago, which will make a fleet of four vehicles of this type in mid-September.

These euromodular vehicles capable of transporting up to 70 tons per trip allow the customer a considerable reduction in costs and guarantee a reduction in CO2 emissions of 25%, being the most sustainable option for the environment. It has been achieved, in specific tests, the 54% reduction of emissions compared to conventional transport by trailer.

The duotrailers allow the company to continue with its plan for reducing emissions and sustainable transport. This last point is being worked together with the clients to go hand in hand in the development of the company’s sustainability policy, allowing the achievement of new environmental certifications, as well as the continuous renewal of the fleet and working on future projects for possible fuel alternatives. At the same time, ROR OL, as far as possible, implements the circular economy in its transport fleet, thanks to the mechanical workshop, diversification of the organization’s activity, which provides services to individuals, external fleets and its own company fleet. All this to contribute to environmental sustainability linked to digitization.

ROR OL has begun to develop a digitalization project, providing added value to the main services it performs, logistics and transportation activities. This, linked to the company’s strategic plan for the future for short, medium and long term, will allow us to continue growing together with current and new clients, including them and adding value to all the departments of the organization, contributing in sustainability and continuous improvement in each of the operational and structural activities. This fact, already started in independent subprojects in the past, such as geolocation of the fleet, set more than 5 years ago, has allowed the implementation of the strategy to date. Despite the health crisis, ROR OL has been able to grow and start transport operations with its new traffic operations delegation in Madrid. If the evolution of the second part of the year 2021 is maintained, ROR OL would close with better numbers than 2020, due to in the last year it was possible to close with similar numbers to 2019.

All of this is possible thanks to the human capital of ROR OL, as it has been seen during the critical months of the 2020 lockdown. This capital is the main part of the company, without the people, ROR OL would not have meaning and wouldn’t exist, from the drivers of the organization, the warehouse operators and the structure itself to all the dedicated and external collaborators who support day by day and are in line with the ROR OL strategy.